Maintenance, repairs, fit outs – improving and servicing buildings to meet the needs of the people
who work in them and the expectations of the people who manage them – that’s how buildings
work best.

While cost, quality and time will always be determining factors, we believe in a balanced approach
to building services that meets the criteria and excels at service delivery.

Our certified processes can be tailored to optimise the operation of any building or project. Our
business model simplifies the way buildings work with affordable services that support the delivery
of KPIs. Our culture is open and honest. We always deliver as promised. That’s the Anchor

We largely attribute our success to professionalism – from office to field to contractors. We honour
our commitments and take responsibility for getting the job done, and done on time. Skilled
professionalism fosters confidence and that inspires a smooth operation.

The power of one

  • One number connect, Australia-wide
  • One point of contact
  • One invoice, one payment process
  • Fully certified partnership model
  • Tailored planning, professionally structured, managed and executed

A trusted partner to some of Australia’s biggest names

Anchor Building Services work with household names and companies of all sizes.